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Enrico Magnani - 2014 

Cosmic Hug is an original artistic project by Enrico Magnani that started in Prague in April 2013; today it has become a long-term project to be presented in different cities of the world and to support humanitarian causes. Groups of artworks, consisting of a mosaic of tiles, have been and will be created, this will establish a link among the supporters who will buy the tiles and the artist himself. Each work becomes a symbol of union between human beings, all interconnected on a spiritual level with an idea of solidarity that goes beyond space and time. Each year the project selects a humanitarian association creating a dedicated artwork-mosaic to be presented during a public charity event to give visibility, popularity to the cause, and to raise funds that will be used by the association.

Part number 13 is the central part of each mosaic of the cosmic hug, this part remains the same for each mosaic. Every year it is repainted with the colors of the new mosaic. Year after year, layer after layer, part number 13 dies and reborns like a Phoenix, collecting the history of the whole Cosmic Hug.

EVERY YEAR: one new project, one new mosaic, one new association to support!

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