Enrico Magnani, since 2016 holds seminars and workshops on the themes developed in his artistic creations related to the harmonious development of man and his role in the universe. Art, science, and spirituality meet in different contexts from scientific to artistic ones. The use of intuition and error as tools to stimulate creativity, bring change, and new ideas into our lives.

His ideas are collected in the the book "Interview with myself"

(Vol.1 "On art and life", Vol.2 "The art of living our own life")


Conference in the frame of the exhibition "Enrico Magnani - Searching the Unknown - The Dark Matter Collection"

GENEVA - CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research) - 2019



Talk in the frame of the exhibition "Enrico Magnani - Supernova, Birth to Life" 

CHICAGO - Italian Cultural Institute - 2017

Talk in the frame of the international conference " Cross-disciplinary perspectives on model-independent searches"

EDINBURGH - Edinburgh University - 2019

Seminar in the frame of "Industry 4.0"

REGGIO EMILIA - Chiostri di San Domenico - 2017

Seminar: "Err... or? - The role of error in art and life"

REGGIO EMILIA - Tecnopole - 2018

Talk in the frame of theInternational Conference "Science and Mysticism - Where the crossroads lie"

PRAGUE - Italian Cultural Institute - 2019

Talk in the frame of the CDO event "Il lavoro crea Bellezza" (Work creates beauty)

MODENA - 2017

Talk about Intuition and Error in the frame of the webinar "The science of creativity" for Virtus Segafredo Bologna.



• Error and creativity in art and life

• Art, science, and spirituality

• Beauty in nature, science, and art

• Creativity, innovation, and technology

• Error and intuition in science and art

• The role of error in art and in life

• The 4 Elements - lecture series:

    Terra - the roots of knowledge;

    Water - the rhythms of life;

    Aria - creativity;

    Fire - passion and will

• Interactive workshop - Artistic language and creativity - getting out of the box