March 2010 | Germany - France

 Enrico Magnani works on matter, which is provided in a pure virginal state from nature. Sands, stones, earths... are what they are before my action takes place; then, through a long work of manipulation, superposition, mixing... working with sacred geometries and colours... layer after layer, they are transformed and transubstantiated: the impure becomes pure, the rough, sublime.

    This is an alchemical work. The alchemical Materia Prima is distilled many times to become a precious substance, the most sublime and sublimated matter: the alchemical Gold. In this work the pure abstraction of the symbols coexists with the impure reality of matter; but everything is in everything, so the symbol is made of the same rough matter from which it escaped on the path of evolution.

    The symbol is the universal a-temporal omni-comprehensive language.