an artist's sweater

The idea is simple, but powerful: to combine aesthetics, function, and meaning in a single product

enrico magnani, art, couture

KANGRA's fate became intertwined with that of a visionary visual artist, Enrico Magnani. His works, which combine bold creativity and deep meaning, have attracted the attention of a vast audience of international scope. 

The artist and the company, thanks to a historic friendship and especially strong mutual esteem, now find themselves sharing a common vision: to bring a message to the world through a project that is revolutionary. From this union "Art Couture" was born. The idea is simple but powerful: to combine aesthetics, function, and meaning in a single product.
Combining the timeless elegance of Kangra cashmere with the innovative artistic expression of Enrico Magnani.

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Sweaters become thus canvases on which the artist's cosmogonic works come to life, leaving the walls of museums transformed into real works of art to be wear. Each hand-painted garment becomes a living canvas, a creation unique, an artistic excellence that brings with it functionality, harmony, beauty and meaning. The individual is thus transformed into a patron and ambassador of a message that he or she shares: communicating aesthetic and conceptual values, attributing to fashion not only an aesthetic, but also a meaning; in fact, the spectacular stellar explosions (the supernovas) from which the collection is inspired -each shirt is named after a star in the Orion constellation- remind us remind us that the elements that enable life are created within the stars, thus marking our origin and our interconnection with the universe: we are indeed children of the stars! 

A project between art and fashion in the round, from creation to distribution; in fact, for the launch of this collection, Kangra plans a tour of the "works" in the windows of the most important multi-brand stores important stores in Italy with a presentation vernissage in the presence of guests and testimonials, similarly to what already happens in the world of art galleries.

HUB Style - Contemporary active press | Dec. 2023