The artist must be the means, not the aim of art: an ambassador of principles greater than himself. -E.M.


I do not pursue an artistic style to shock or to please the public with my subjective vision of the world. I pursue a language to express universal truths that cannot be communicated with words. -E.M.


Enrico Magnani is an Italian artist who has been active on the international art scene for several year. His first exhibition opened November 1997 in Milan. Until 2006 he worked as figurative painter and after a transition period his work has become exclusively abstract. His original abstract artworks have brought him in few years to international attention and been presented in museums, foundations, private galleries, and public institutions in Europe and the USA.

"Finally landed to art after an eclectic journey that has seen him for years, even scientific researcher in nuclear fusion, at some point in his career, Magnani has felt the need to use art to proceed in those narrow paths of knowledge where the purely rational speculation is not enough, and it is necessary to draw from the emotion as well, to that intuition, not irrational, but "otherwise rational" that only art, at a certain level of development, can express." - Mauro Ruggiero


"Drawing on from the most ancient eastern and western spiritual traditions, Enrico Magnani, with his artworks, shows the human inner contrast between body and soul, matter and spirit, the sacred and the profane. Magnani’s artworks are a thousand year path through an artistic reworking of those traditions that tried to integrate matter and spirit, in order to better understand the human being and his role inside the universe." - Guido Folco

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